Berkeley Connect is a web-based opportunity board, where alumni from my high school can post internships, meetups, and other opportunities for current students.

Student View

A friend of mine, Jack Phifer, was the president of our school’s Student-Alumni Relations Committee. He presented me with the idea for the portal, and asked if I could build it for the school. It seemed like a good way to leave some kind of legacy at my school, so I agreed, and have been coordinating the project now as a member of the alumni relations committee, even with Jack having graduated last year.
Beyond requirements, I was on my own building the application. Unlike other projects I’ve worked on, one of the requirements was that everything must run on the schools in-house servers, meaning I couldn’t use any of the handy services provided by AWS or Firebase. It was my first time managing user authentication data without one of those services, which presented a bit of a learning curve, but it didn’t take too long for me to get comfortable with Passport.js and build out the entire app.

Alumnus view without any current offers

Alumnus view with an offer

Version 1 development completed. The school is currently doing a soft release, starting with alumni.

Web (Node.js)

Tools/Frameworks/Languages Used
JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Docker, MongoDB, GitHub, Passport,js

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