Ho’omaka is a quote app for iOS that I’m actively working on with my friend Jeremy Koch.
Stressed out one evening by ultra-competitive college admissions and the news cycle, my friend Jeremy looked through the App Store for a quote app that could lift his spirts. He noticed that, while wildly popular, the quote apps currently available looked rather terrible from a UI perspective. I was excited when he asked me if I would be able to build this because it was an opportunity to create a nice experience that would help myself and my peers, and it has been a nice way to get my mind off of the college process.
My Work
Jeremy and I worked together on the feature lists, and then I designed the experience, did the development of the iOS app, and configured the Firebase backend, while Jeremy curates the quotes and imagery.
In the Apple App Store

iOS (iPhone)

Tools/Frameworks/Languages Used
Swift 4, UIKit, CoreData, UserNotifications, Firebase (Cloud Firestore, Storage), GitHub

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